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Lili Price Giveaway!

So I've teamed up with Lili Price Studio to host a new giveaway! The above is my favourite phone case which I've not taken off since I got in months back. Lovely slim fit and durable design. It's not worn off at all!

These are very resonablly priced at £12.99 for this iphone 4 model and available in a variety of designs for different phones too. If you fancied buying anything, use my code for 10% off - "leannelimwalker"

But if you fancied winning a case of your choice AND to be one of the first to also get a pocket mirror, enter via the widget below!

Open worldwide. Starts 7/08/12 12:00AM GMT and ends 19/08/14 12:00AM GMT, winner will be picked at random and displayed on the widget on 19/08/14 and emailed that day by myself. If they do not reply within 3 days another winner will be picked and contacted.

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Fashion Haul!

Posts & links mentioned in video:

Missguided shorts & Hype Jumper outfit
Missguided Coat outfit 
Autumn River Outfit
Choies Outfit

"leannelimwalker" for 20% off Motel Rocks

What I'm wearing:
Hat / Primark
Lips / Rimmel "Eastend snob" lip liner with Topshop "Innocent" lipstick
Necklace / Vivienne Westwood
Vampire Fang ring / Kasun London
Long finger ring / The Rogue and The Wolf
Bracelet / The Bohemian Collective
Nail Varnish / Nails inc "Mayfair Lane"
Hair Extensions / Superior Foxy Locks in Platinum (Use "FoxyLeanne" for a free gift with your order) 

Items mentioned I can link to:

Heels c/o Public Desire
Floral Bralet c/o Missguided
Black Bralet c/o Missguided
Coat c/o Missguided
Crochet Bralet c/o Missguided 
Shorts c/o Missguided
Briefs c/o Unmentionables
Bag c/o Iron Fist
Bunny tank c/o Iron Fist
Short c/o Iron Fist
Maxi Dress c/o Iron Fist
Croptop c/o Autumn River
Shoes c/o Daniel Footwear
Sandals c/o Daniel Footwear
Crop jumper c/o Hype
Short c/o Hype
Tshirt dress c/o Hype
Checked shorts c/o Motel Rocks
Yellow crop top c/o Motel Rocks
Yellow shorts c/o Motel Rocks
Daisy skirt c/o Motel Rocks
Daisy off the shoulder crop c/o Motel Rocks
Daisy crop c/o Motel Rocks
Stripe skirt c/o Motel Rocks
Tank c/o Choies
Dog skirt c/o Choies
Swimsuit c/o Clashist

For got to mention in the video the hat is from Primark, but I cannot link to it sorry!

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Autumn River

 Crop c/o / Autumn River
Jacket / Primark
Jeans c/o / Pretty Little Thing
Belt / Topshop
Heels / Matalan
Bracelet c/o / LaLuna accessories
Ring c/o / Druzy Dreams
Lipstick / Mac "Rebel"

 Once upon a time I never thought boyfriend jeans would suit me, until I tried these beauties from Pretty Little Thing! I think they are so flattering and the ripped details really edge them up. I love the look of boyfriend jeans with minimal strappy heels, so that's what I went for. I liked the idea of an all white outfit so also added a white crop top.

Just how pretty is that sterling silver leaf bracelet! I think I only own one other real silver bracelet and wanted to get more. I love how dainty it looks and it was only £6.99! This weekend only, use code "HAPPY15" for 15% off! They also donate 50p from every purchase to their local animal rescue kennels, how amazing is that!

I feel the jeans with the jacket give it a retro sort of feel to it, which I adore!

Are you a fan of boyfriend jeans?

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Hype + Giveaway!

 Jumper c/o / Hype
Shorts c/o Missguided
Rucksack c/o Zatchels
Coltranes c/o Loveclothing
Necklace c/o Traditional Heart

Here's a causal yet edged up festival outfit. I love the contrast of the pretty shorts against the structure of the cropped jumper and bulkiness of coltranes. Colours running through our are pinky coral tones against black, something I've not really gone for before, but really like here!

I've seen these shorts being featured everywhere and had to get myself a pair! If you do decide to get these ones from Missguided I would suggest sizing up if possible as they are quite tight around the waist!

This hype cropped jumper I cut a little more to get it the right length for myself. They no longer have this black one, but I saw a burgundy version when I last had a little look.

I adore this little apple choker necklace from Traditional heart! I think it adds a cute 90's vibe to the outfit. If you fancied anything from Traditional Heart, use code "SUMMERLEANNE" for 25% off throughout July!

Look at those amazing new ring additions to my collection! The cross bones and heart ring are both from Bloody Mary Metal, I'm so in love with their jewellery! These are sterling silver and handmade! All their jewellery is cast in either sterling silver, rose gold or gold, not plated so it won't make your fingers go green!
If you fancied anything from Bloody Mary Metal, use code "BMMXLEANNE" for 20% off throughout July!

 On to the giveaway!
Enter via the widget below. Open Worldwide. Starts 16/07/14 and ends 26/07/14 12:00AM GMT, winner will be picked at random and displayed on the widget on 26/07/14 and emailed that day.

The winner will recieve these handmade sterling silver items pictured below. The rings will be made to your size and you can choose what words to be added on if you wish. It was offered for me to choose some words, but I couldn't think of anything cool!

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Summer Beauty and Accessories Haul

Sharing with you lots of the lovely beauty, jewellery and accessory items! Excuse the fly away hairs, it happens after I wash straighten my hair!

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Catseye London Blog post
Westfield video
Bloody Mary Metal Blog post (giveaway happening on Wednesday 16th July on my blog too!

Discount codes (See my full list of discount codes own the right side of my blog)
"LL10" for 10% off Lovemybijoux
"BMMXLEANNE" for 20% off Bloody Mary Metal throughout July
"SUMMERLEANNE" for 25% off Traditional Heart throughout July

What I'm wearing:
Top / DropDead
Lipstick / Maybelline Color Sensation "Pink Punch"
Nails / Essie "Tart Deco"
Rings / Wanderlust, Druzy Dreams, Amelia May
Bracelet / The Bohemian Collective
Hair Extensions / Superior Foxy Locks in Platinum (Use "FoxyLeanne" for a free gift with your order)

Items mentioned:

Cat Pillow c/o Catseye London
Cat memo block c/o Catseye London
Nail set c/o Catseye London

Colour statement necklace c/o Love My Bijoux
Duchess necklace c/o Love My Bijoux

Smashbox Primer
Neutrogena Moisturiser
Revlon colour burst
Maybelline Mascara
Maybelline Color Sensations

La Riche Directions

Zoeva Rose gold brush set c/o Ax Paris

Silver coin bracelet c/o Shantique Designs
Handchain c/o Shantique Designs
Statement coin necklace c/o Shantique Designs

Sterling silver moonstone ring c/o Wanderlust
Sterling silver earrings c/o Wanderlust

Bon bon pink leather bag c/o Grafea

Sterling Silver heart ring c/o Bloody Mary Metal
Sterling Silver Fire ring c/o Bloody Mary Metal
Sterling Silver Cross bone ring c/o Bloody Mary Metal
Sterling Silver Triple bone ring c/o Bloody Mary Metal
Sterling Silver Sword necklace c/o Bloody Mary Metal

Bambi rings c/o Lvndr

Glitter scruchie c/o Crown and Glory

Hamsa Necklace c/o Traditional heart
Apple choker necklace c/o Traditional heart

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Blue Jeans

Coat c/o Missguided
Top / Topshop
Dr Denim Jeans c/o / Mercantile London
Shoes / Matalan

Here's another outfit featuring more distressed Dr Denim jeans from The Mercantile London! It's your last reminder to enter if you fancied to win yourself 5 pairs of distressed Dr Denim jeans! Enter here!

I love the shade of these jeans! The back have had some bleach added to create the lighter patterned effect. I have to admit I added in the rips, I'm not fully sure on them! Perhaps it's good to let people who know what they are doing to do this for you, as opppsss I think I perhaps ruined them!?! 

Still quite happy with this outfit though, it's chic yet edged up by my interesting added rips ^_^

In love with this coat from Missguided! Still loving boyfriend coats, still season friendly as lets face it, in the UK it still gets cold in our "Summer" and they evenings can be quite cool.

Photos by my Dad.

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My skin journey Part 1

This is quite wordy! But for those who prefer to watch videos, I shall have a video series following this too, but the blog posts will be more in depth. Check out video 1 here.

So here's a little intro about my skin:
I've not felt comfortable in my face with no makeup since my early teens. Then came the break outs, the scaring, uneven skin tone, oily t-zone and black heads. I was a shy teenager with frizzy hair and an even tinier frame than I have now.

At the age of 15 I discovered GHDs to tame my hair and I started to wear makeup to conceal those blemishes. I started feeling more confident even though looking back I really didn't know what I was doing with makeup, and I really did over pluck those eyebrows!

Soon I am turning 25, in August, and I always thought that by this age I would have clear skin, but no. I still get blemishes, the longest I go with none is a week if I'm lucky. But still I'm left with marks from the last lot so my skin still looks bad. 

I also forgot to mention I have rather dark circles under my eyes, I guess I have quite thin skin around that area. Even in middle school people used to ask if I had a black eye.. nice. Also once whilst at uni a guy friend of mine came into my room unannounced, seeing me without makeup he said "Aww you're ill, you poor thing" and proceeded to give me a hug. In reality I was having a lazy day free of makeup. Embarrassed by this all, I just agreed I was ill.

Another amusing story, when dating guys through uni, in fear of them seeing me without makeup and being put off, I used to sleep with my makeup on and wake up early to wash my face and apply more so they didn't see me without. I'm sure this didn't help my skin at all!

When girls say "I look awful without makeup" most actually look just as incredible as they do with makeup. In my case I genuinely feel I do look awful. I know I look very different without it. I feel this insecurity is holding me back from many things. For example, I wish to attempt filming makeup videos, but this would involve me starting with no makeup. Not something I could do just yet. My friends have said, do it, people will say you look just fine, but even if lots said I did, I know, I just know, one would say something nasty, and I'd just focus on the negative.

Some may think this is all silly, and yes, yes it probably is, but that's how I really feel. But I do really want to change this!

I do get some lovely comments though from viewers on my youtube channel saying I have nice skin, requesting I do a foundation or skin care routine. I'm always quick to say though it's just the makeup and good lighting, as I know my skin isn't good!

Making a change!

I was approached by U and your skin as the lovely Carly, a friend and fellow youtuber recommended me to them. They offered me a free facial for a review, and I of course said yes!

18 days ago I ventured out of the house with no makeup, and the biggest sunglasses I owned to cover up my face. Upon arrival I was met by the lovely Louise and we chatted about my skin. I told her my insecurities which she noted down. I was actually have a good skin day with no active spots, but lots of marks from previous ones very apparent on my face. She then asked me questions which explored my lifestyle, diet etc as other things can also contribute to our skin troubles, such as stress and excess of certain foods. Their procedure is to find out what you want to improve on with your skin, then they tailor treatments for each individual. It's not set facials for every client.

I wasn't really sure what to expect as I've only ever had one facial in Thailand and that didn't really do anything so wasn't fully sure on the whole point of facials to be honest.

The facial!

Whilst listening to calming music I had various lovely smelling products massaged into my skin, then a face mask and even a mini steam machine to help open my pores for a deep cleanse. Louise did mention I had a lot of build up on my skin, this was down to me exfoliating everyday and damaging the protective layer on my skin. I've stopped doing that now!

The facial was very enjoyable and relaxing! I did worry though that my skin would break out after this treatment as from previous experiences with face masks I've used on mysel
f, I end up breaking out for a whole week! Louise even mentioned I might due to the deep cleanse bringing out all impurities. Luckily though I didn't break out at all! If anything my skin improved each day afterwards!

For my dark circles Louise recommended I take magnesium supplements to help brighten my skin. I got ones with zinc in which is meant to help your body absorb the magnesium and also aid healing.

The results!

I really did not expect to notice anything straight after the facial, but oh my, my skin felt AMAZINGLY soft. I've never felt my nose feel so smooth in my life! The pores were barely noticeable there too. I'm not sure what was used in the facial but my word I've never felt my skin feel so smooth before!

She then added some mineral foundation so I didn't feel as self conscious on my walk home. I've never thought about using mineral makeup before as I never thought it would give enough coverage, but this was buildable and actually worked very well. It was by the brand Priori which is made by the same company behind Bare Minerals and helps treat the skin too. I was quite impressed with it, I'm thinking of buying it actually. My Mum was so impressed with it she wants to buy me some for my birthday, bless her!

Days after I noticed when I sunbathed, with factor 30 on my face, it actually tanned! Previously it wouldn't but I guess that was due to the build up on my skin.

I was given a gentle cleanser containing AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) by Priori to use every evening, and then I bought a skin renewal cream also containing AHAs by Priori to use after the cleaner every other evening. These AHAs help aid skin resurfacing. These products are to help prep my skin for my next more intensive treatment. I feel they've also kept my skin continue feeling nice and smooth.

I've not yet noticed improvements with my dark circles yet, but I think they will always be most noticeable to myself.

I've hardly broken out in the 18 days it's been since my first facial, a record! My skin actually looks like it has a glow as the dull layers of build up have been removed.

Whats next?

We chatted about a few things, then they kindly offered me to try out 6 more treatments for me to review. I was delighted as I was so impressed from the first facial and I couldn't say no to someone offering to help me with my skin!

So for my next post I shall cover the first three treatments as the half way point, then my last post will be after the sixth treatment to talk about how it all went and show how my skin is at the end of it all. How does this sound to you guys?

The first of the six treatments is an intensive AHA peel, which sounds very scary! But isn't as I had that a few days ago, which I filmed. The second treatment will be an Omnilux light therapy which I shall also film. Following from this the next sessions will alternate between these two treatments so the posts will be following how my skin improves as well as first outlining the treatments.

Pictures, well stills from my vlog.

U and your skin in Norwich

Treatment room

Before facial make up free:
eww :( it doesn't look too bad here, but it's worst in person. I should have taken pictures! But I run away from cameras when I don't wear makeup!

Below trying to be inconspicuous on route, but these glasses got a lot of attention actually! :/ Can see the marks on my skin a bit more here. It's worst on the other side of my face.

Below, after facial with mineral makeup (this did match my skin, tone, this is odd lighting in the video)

Below, 16 days after the facial, makeup free, more even skin tone and I have a slight tan on my face yey! Due to hardly breaking out and using the skin renewal cream the red marks from previous spots have faded considerably, most completely gone.
 It's very hard to get a still of me talking, I'm not sad here honest!

 A massive thank you to U and your skin for making such a different to my skin already! Although I am getting these treatments for free, I am buying some of the products needed and this does not affect my opinions on the experience. All thoughts are mine and genuine. I'm not being paid to blog or video the treatments or my experiences.

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